What are the few natural elements that promote healthy living?

Hibiscus Flower Extract, Soy Bean Extract, Ganoderma Extracts

It is said time is the best healer, but as more people are leaning towards the natural supplement, one can say that nature is the best healer. Mother nature has every element that can be used as the elixir to any disease; all we need to do is know. However, with the advancement of medical science in every aspect, natural supplements are now available in capsules or tablets that can be consumed without worrying about any side effects.

A few natural supplements

Several natural supplements effectively promote healthy living; one of them is hibiscus. Hibiscus is a flowering plant. These plants are not only useful to look at but have enormous medicinal values. Hibiscus is used to treat high blood sugar ad high cholesterol. It has been proved that hibiscus flower extract can help increase the production of breast milk. Hibiscus flower petals are also used to treat the condition of alopecia.

Benefits of Soy

Soy or soybeans are popular legumes of Asian origin. Most people who follow a vegetarian diet often consume soy as a meat replacement. Soybeans are rich in protein; that is why people eat them, drink them as milk supplement. Soybeans come in various colors, such as green soybeans, yellow soybeans, and Black soybeans. Yellow Soy Bean Extract is typically used to manufacture tofu, tempeh and tamari. As per a research conducted in 2015, the consumption of soybean reduces the significant amount of cholesterol. Also, the isoflavones in soybean can effectively help reduce the risk of breast and prostate cancer.

Significance of Ganoderma

Ganoderma is an extract of Ganoderma lucidum, which is also known as reishi mushroom. Ganoderma Extracts are often made into a coffee powder mix, which typically contains sugar, non-dairy creamer, and herbs. Ganoderma is said to work effectively to improve the condition of anxiety and fatigue.

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